SAP HANA Cloud Platform

SAP HANA® Cloud Platform is an in-memory cloud platform for today’s increasingly networked, mobile, social, and data-driven world. Based on open standards, it provides access to a feature-rich, easy-to-use development environment in the cloud. SAP HANA Cloud Platform includes a comprehensive set of services for integration, enterprise mobility, collaboration, and analytics. As the only cloud platform built on the SAP HANA platform, it powers the real-time applications companies need to succeed in business today.


 SAP HANA Cloud Platform is packed with features that let you rapidly build, deploy, and manage cloud-based enterprise applications that complement and extend your SAP or non-SAP solutions, either on premise or on demand.

 Enterprise Platform Built for Developers:

 SAP HANA Cloud Platform is an open-standard, Eclipse-based, modular platform as a service. It is certified at the latest industry cloud standards and operated by SAP. SAP HANA Cloud Platform applications are deployed via command-line tools to the cloud as WAR files or OSGi bundles. The applications run within the Java-based, SAP HANA Cloud Platform runtime environment powered by SAP HANA and can be maintained using Web-based Management tools.

 Standards Based:

 To maximize development productivity, SAP HANA Cloud Platform leverages familiar open-source tools and frameworks. SAP HANA Cloud Platform currently supports Java EE 6 Web Profile and a subset of the Java 7 SE specification. The open nature of the platform also allows developers to work with Spring Roo and other third-party frameworks. Developers can also use other languages that compile to Java, including JRuby, Clojure, Scala, and Groovy. Support for other runtime environments, open-source tools, and a framework is expected to grow, offering developers their preferred technologies for building cloud-based applications.

Native Integration with SAP and Non-SAP Software:

 SAP HANA Cloud Platform facilitates secure integration with on-premise systems running software from SAP and other vendors. Using SAP HANA Cloud Platform services, such as the connectivity service, applications can establish secure point-to-point connections to SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver® Gateway technology, and other on-premise middleware solutions, enabling integration scenarios with your cloud-based applications. Applications built with SAP HANA Cloud Platform support representation state transfer (REST) services and Web services interfaces to enable integration with other cloud based applications, such as those from Success Factors, an SAP company. This enables developers to build loosely coupled applications that extend the value of SAP or non-SAP enterprise solutions, whether they are running on premise or on demand.

  In-Memory Persistence:

 SAP HANA Cloud Platform includes persistence powered by SAP HANA, taking full advantage of its real-time, in-memory computing technology and built-in analytics. As a service on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

 SAP HANA is available to application developers without the worry of setting up or administering virtual database instances of SAP HANA. SAP HANA Cloud Platform also supports other disk-based persistence technologies, including SAP Sybase® Adaptive Server® Enterprise (SAP Sybase ASE). Open, Standards -Based, and Modular Application Services.

 Secure Data Platform:

 Comprehensive, multilevel security measures have been built into SAP HANA Cloud Platform. This security is engineered to protect your mission-critical business data and assets and to provide the necessary industry-standard compliance certifications. This built-in protection extends from maintaining strong physical security of the data centre to safeguarding the data and enabling full reliability of the service. SAP HANA Cloud Platform is certified to meet standards, including ISO 27001, Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) 70 Type II, and International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3402, to help ensure complete infrastructure stability, security, and performance. These certifications are renewed regularly to keep up with evolving security threats.

 Lightweight, Modular Runtime Container for Applications:

Applications developed on SAP HANA Cloud Platform run in a modular and lightweight runtime container (lean Java server) on a virtual machine. They typically consume services that are centrally provided and logically shared across the platform to reduce overhead and maximize performance.

 SAP HANA Cloud Platform provides a secure, scalable runtime environment with reusable platform services, such as the following:

  • Persistency service that leverages the speed of SAP HANA
  • Connectivity service that enables secure integration with on-premise systems running software from SAP and other vendors
  • Identity management service enabling single sign-on with third-party identity providers
  • Scalable document service for managing unstructured Content
  • Mail service for processing outbound e-mail from Applications
  • SAP HANA Cloud Portal for mashing up Open Social gadgets from third-party providers with applications built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Business Benefits:

 With SAP HANA Cloud Platform, you can realize the full benefits of cloud computing – fast.

 Accelerate Time to Value:

 SAP HANA Cloud Platform lets you quickly build and deploy business and consumer applications that deliver critical new functionality to meet emerging business needs while connecting you with customers in more engaging experiences.

 Extend the Value of Existing Applications:

Whether your existing enterprise solutions are running on premise or on demand, whether they rely on data from SAP or non-SAP software, SAP HANA Cloud Platform provides connectivity based on the cloud connectivity service. As a result, the platform streamlines the integration of your new applications at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

 Increase Developer Productivity:

 Support for open programming standards provides a low barrier to entry for developers, making them productive from the start in building enterprise applications that can integrate with any SAP or non-SAP solution. No new coding skills are required.

 Lower Risk and Improve ROI:

 SAP HANA Cloud Platform requires no up-front capital investment in hardware or software for customers and partners, allowing them to get started cost-effectively and reduce their overall risk.

 Decrease Costs:

 Because SAP manages the platform operations (including patches and upgrades), SAP HANA Cloud Platform can reduce the cost of developing and deploying cloud applications.

For More Information:

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