Public Sector

Converging Cloud, Mobility and Analytics for Insurance

Governments worldwide are facing similar challenges: declining tax revenues; requirements for maintaining high levels of service; and unprecedented demands for increased efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability. IT in the public sector is a priority investment area that we have seen substantial growth in over the last few years.

Capabilities Overview

Utilizing Lai to manage government data, public agencies can increase efficiencies in tax collection, combat fraud and maximize public services for their citizens. Lai can provide solutions that allow government agencies to better understand, use and protect their data, regardless of volume, condition, state or location. Our Capabilities focus on the following primary areas of public sector.

1) Healthcare :

  • To facilitate centralized medical image sharing and management to healthcare IT and make information-enabled healthcare decisions to be made more quickly.

2)  IT & Education:  

  • Implementation of next-generation technology solutions to empower educators, improve learning, and accelerate student achievement.

3) Intelligence and Defence:

  • Increase flexibility, reduce risk, and improve decisions in defence and intelligence agencies.

4) Justice and Public Safety:

  • Modernize your operations to improve citizen safety, enhance data security, and accelerate justice operations

5) Revenue, Finance, and Taxation:

  • Simplify data management to accelerate tax processes, increase investment return, and improve service delivery.

1) Social Services and Benefits :

  • Deliver high-quality, citizen-based responsiveness at less cost through secure, effective data management.

2)Transportation, Planning, and Environment:

  • Improve data sharing, IT management and resource utilization and guarantee long-term protection.


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