Oil and Gas

Solutions for Business Efficiency

Oil and gas companies are struggling to balance capital project investment for long-term global growth against a worsening backdrop of slackening short-term demand. In an era marked by ever-increasing ­fluctuations in global energy demand, rising exploration and production costs, and a growing call for alternative energy sources, today’s oil and gas companies are both rebuilding older infrastructures and incor­porating new technologies to unlock upstream and downstream production.

Capabilities Overview

When you choose a Lai, you get more than just an industry-leading project portfolio IT solution. You will also get a full range of services and support to ensure your operational success offering a full range of services and support to ensure your operational success

Project Portfolio Management Solution:

  • By managing schedules, resources, and costs across all projects and programs we enable organizations to deliver their projects on time and within budget. This solution delivers high-quality project execution and appropriate visibility at all levels, with ubiquitous Web access for all users; rich, easy-to-deploy functionality; and powerful dashboards for greater visibility.

Risk Analysis Solution:

  • Lai’s Risk Analysis is a full lifecycle risk analytics solution that helps organizations understand and plan for project portfolio uncertainty by using advanced cost and schedule analysis. The application provides a comprehensive means of determining condense levels for project success, together with quick and easy techniques for determining contingency and risk response plans. Organizations can support project governance and ¬micro planning by modelling risks, calculating most-likely completion times, and analyzing the cost and schedule impacts of mitigation scenarios. Together, these form the basis of a “risk-management schedule,” which today is becoming critical within the planning and scheduling process, especially given the uncertainty of the current economic environment.

ERP Applications:

  • Lai’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications aligns project budgeted costs and schedules in user-friendly applications that integrate easily the solution help organizations reduce project risks and meet critical delivery dates by effectively forecasting and managing costs, schedules, and resources.

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