Becoming a Real-Time Business With HANA

Becoming a real-time business requires managing daily business transactions of your core business processes in real time, such as finance, sales, and production – and as well, to capture data from new sources like social media, mobile apps, or machine sensors. In addition, you need to analyze all this data in real time and leverage advanced models such as predictive modelling for more relevant business decisions. And ultimately, it requires people to be able to access real-time information on any device for immediate action.

In addition to reporting and analytics functions for all your lines of business, you get a robust technology environment for designing, composing, and adapting business processes that meet the specific needs of your industry from finance, human resources, manufacturing, procurement, product development, marketing, sales, service, supply chain management to IT management.

Business Process Supported ……


  • Streamline financial operations
  • Perform efficient and compliant financial accounting and reporting
  • Manage payables and receivables
  • Integrate and support functions for treasury and cash management

Human Resources:

  • Manage all aspects of your workforce
  • Automate processes to free HR professionals for strategic tasks
  • Manage employees more effectively
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Control costs
  • Identify future leaders, manage their development, and prepare them to perform when needed

IT Management:

  • Use IT to innovate and increase enterprise competitiveness
  • Lower total cost of ownership for IT assets
  • Increase user satisfaction with installed software
  • Use IT to adapt to changing business needs


  • Coordinate global manufacturing fulfilment with local planning and execution
  • Provide the context-sensitive, enterprise-wide visibility required to optimize distributed manufacturing
  • Assets, integrate outsourced operations, and drive lean manufacturing


  • Obtain insight from all customer interactions
  • Leverage this insight to align marketing and sales activities
  • Efficiently develop and retain the right customers
  • Develop long-term, profitable customer relationships


  • Generate sustainable savings by streamlining and centralizing procure-to-pay processes
  • Minimize risk by enforcing comprehensive contract compliance
  • Improve savings through greater visibility into supplier relationships and performance
  • Increase spend visibility
  • Achieve faster time to value

Product Development:

  • Deliver innovative products rapidly to meet demand
  • Foster the development of new products
  • Collaborate with partners to shorten the time required to realize profits and deliver safe products.


  • Implement sales strategies that promote growth and profitability
  • Focus sales efforts on the most profitable customer opportunities
  • Increase the efficiency of sales teams
  • Accelerate sales cycles and grow the bottom line with better pricing and demand planning and more accurate revenue forecasts.


  • Deliver superior customer service while tightly controlling the cost of service delivery
  • Resolve customer problems quickly to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Optimize the use of resources available for service
  • Drive service revenue by cross-selling and up-selling to existing customers

Supply Chain Management:

  • Respond appropriately to changing supply and demand dynamics in global networks
  • Synchronize supply and demand
  • Collaborate with partners in a global manufacturing network
  • Integrate logistics and fulfilment
  • Leverage auto-ID technologies and item serialization to protect brands from counterfeits and operate at higher levels of efficiency and automation
  • Responsively and effectively deal with supply chain events (for example, recalls)

Embrace the Power of HANA

When you have to deal with an ever-expanding ocean of data – doubling roughly every year and that means it is delivering new business signals that, if well exploited, can lead to new opportunities. Respond to these signals from a dynamic global marketplace which  is essential for continuous innovation .

Also, changes happen in real time, so you also need to respond immediately within shorter decision windows for quicker value delivered to customers. To stay competitive, your business has to course-correct in real time. Finally, you need to serve the requirements of the increasingly mobile-enabled populations, which means making all business-relevant information available at people’s fingertips.

Status quo is not an option in today’s economic environment as emerging technologies provide you with a new window of opportunity to transform your business and get ahead of the game.

 New technologies such as in-memory and mobile computing, The Convergence of New Technologies – Mobile –  Cloud – In-memory- Social Analytics and  Real-time business.

The Above convergence offers you the chance to turn these challenges into opportunities by becoming a real-time business. You can open avenues to new thinking, such as responding to changes in demand for better market responsiveness and delivering personalized offers to provide new customer experiences – all in real time.

 You can empower employees with real-time business insights to heighten engagement, or your business can even connect to machines and devices in real time to improve customer service.

 By uncovering the full potential of your data, you can make smarter decisions, react more quickly to changes in the market, and accelerate high-impact processes like planning.

Is your business prepared for the road ahead? Simply maintaining a rich portfolio of products and services is not enough. Globalization has intensified the competition in a hyperconnected world, requiring your business to innovate better and move at breakneck speed, while always making the right business  decisions.

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