Think Big In Manufacturing

From the aerospace and automotive industries to the pharmaceutical and food industries, manufacturers of all sizes are firmly focused on streamlining their operations and improving business agility but the agility is not just determined on the factory floor. Manufacturers today have the opportunity to improve efficiency, speed up processes and cut costs in their business by improving their overall IT performance.

Capabilities Overview

ERP, CRM, and other applications connect the global supply chain. They keep orders moving, factories and design centres operating, and finished products hitting store shelves. But applications alone are not enough. To deliver those applications with speed and reliability on a worldwide scale, you need an infrastructure that is just as global. Only Lai can offer a unified architecture that handles the full range of application-delivery challenges faced by global manufacturing concerns—right now, and into the future.


Connect Global Applications and Supply chains:

  • Information about parts availability, inventory levels, and shipping status is crucial for global manufacturers.

Synchronize Product Development:

  • For many manufacturers, product development is a worldwide effort. Design centres spread across multiple continents take responsibility for different subassemblies.  Keeping mechanical CAD files, source code, R&D data, and other pieces of the  development puzzle synchronized can be time-consuming—or even seemingly impossible if the files are extremely large.

Lai’s Application Delivery networking solution speeds up file transmission, so files move across oceans almost as effortlessly as they move down a hallway.

Protect our Secrets:

  • The easy access of web applications makes them convenient for employees and trading partners. But Web applications are also prone to attack, Conventional firewalls treat application attacks as standard web traffic and pass them through. Lai’s  application security solution recognizes and stops them before they can burrow Into your applications.

Offer Secure Remote Access to Representatives World Wide:

  • Buyers, sales representatives, and trading partners need access to product information and inventory data from anywhere in the world. Lai’s remote access solution provides secure but convenient remote access from any internet-enabled location.

Invest in foundation for the future:

  • The Lai’s Application Delivery networking solution scales easily. You can handle additional servers or applications without re-architecting your network this capability can be especially useful for combining operations after mergers or acquisitions.

Lowering cost of Operations:

  • Lai’s unified architecture makes your entire worldwide network more cost-effective and easier to manage; requiring fewer individual devices to configure and maintain, the solution enables you to make changes without time-consuming reconfigurations or costly downtime. The Application Delivery networking solution can also be installed quickly without taking critical business applications offline.

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