In-Memory Computing

Big Data is the popular term describing the fast-increasing volume, velocity, and variety of information that can help improve enterprise operations – but it is only part of the story. In-memory computing is the breakthrough that makes Big Data possible

In-memory computing is the storage of information in the main random access memory (RAM) of dedicated servers rather than in complicated relational databases operating on comparatively slow disk drives. In-memory computing helps business customers, including retailers, banks and utilities, to quickly detect patterns, analyze massive data volumes on the fly, and perform their operations quickly. The drop in memory prices in the present market is a major factor contributing to the increasing popularity of in-memory computing technology. This has made in-memory computing economical among a wide variety of applications.

Many technology companies are making use of this technology. For example, the in-memory computing technology developed by SAP, called High-Speed Analytical Appliance (HANA), uses a technique called sophisticated data compression to store data in the random access memory. HANA’s performance is 10,000 times faster when compared to standard disks, which allows companies to analyze data in a matter of seconds instead of long hours.

Some of the advantages of in-memory computing include:

  • The ability to cache countless amounts of data constantly. This ensures extremely fast response times for searches.
  • The ability to store session data, allowing for the customization of live sessions and ensuring optimum website performance
  • The ability to process events for improved complex event processing

Lai’s in-memory computing technologies scale indefinitely without bottlenecks, configure to your persistence needs, and support the range of programs and platforms. These capabilities are a remarkable step forward in the support of operational decision-making, integration, and cost reduction – and make leveraging Big Data possible. With Lai’s in-memory computing technology, you have the power to analyze, understand, and predict opportunities and threats – and the advantage of pre-emptive action. Our solutions unify analytics and transactions on a single in-memory platform – for smarter innovations, faster business processes, and simpler interactions.

  • Uncover new growth opportunities ahead of the competition
  • Dramatically accelerate your core business processes to run at market speed
  • Empower your people to decide and act in the moment with real-time insights
  • Innovate without disruption on an open platform
  • Benefit from a choice of database technologies and vendors