Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system is a set of analysis metrics and dashboards, which allows an enterprise’s management team and decision makers to monitor, plan, and predict drivers for overall company performance. These include forecast tracking, drivers of revenue and costs, human resource planning, geographic and business unit performance measures, customer Profitability measures performance by the competency, among many other important metrics. This applies to most types of for profit business enterprises looking to improve revenues, profits, margins and overall company productivity.

The core activities of enterprise performance management encompass budgeting, cost and profitability reporting, strategy management, financial reporting, and risk management. With sophisticated EPM solutions, companies can integrate, manage, and optimize enterprise-wide, risk-adjusted performance management. Integrated EPM solutions and processes enable stakeholders in roles throughout the organization to share data, communicate, and collaborate and make better business decisions faster.

Lai’s EPM solution provides an automated easy to use, quick to deploy solution that leverages and complements existing business intelligence deployments, providing high ROI for customers

Lai is a pure play analytics shop that provides automated solutions to analyze data and make decision making informed and timely. Lai brings the expertise and experience of business intelligence and analytics technology, design of dashboards, and an analytics design framework to offer a complete solution, across many verticals we at Lai deliver actionable insights at 1/10th cost and 1/10th time than comparable approaches

Lai’s EPM is a solution born out of experience in offering trusted advice to management on key business metrics, and actionable input this means data is fresh, the intelligence is sharp, and the insights are actionable. This truly democratizes the power of EPM analytics by making it accessible to the masses, who can utilize its power to get more efficient and productive