Aerospace and Defence

Accelerating Decision making strategy

          Lai Consulting Solutions for Aerospace and Defence endeavour to accelerate decision making around their most complex commercial challenges. Our ability to consistently uncover new insights and devise winning strategies has enabled us to build long-term client relationships. Central government departments, major global businesses and specialist support services providers rely on our quality analysis to identify and exploit new opportunities, improve the performance of existing operations, and develop the strategies and processes to secure successful positions on highly-competitive contracts and platforms.

Capabilities Overview

Our offerings for Aerospace & Defence clients include:

  • Strategic Planning : Facilitate strategy development with management teams, gather and analyze competitor intelligence, and identify areas for performance improvement.
  • Contract Economics : Model contract outcomes to optimize contract parameters, pricing, payment schedules and financing structures.
  • Product Development Strategy : Survey potential customers to confirm purchase criteria, prioritize product portfolio initiatives, and undertake pricing and margin analysis to develop a credible business case for product development.
  • Commercial Bid Strategy : Assist clients in refining their negotiating position with consortium partners and the end customer, and calculate the contract value from a range of possible demand scenarios
  • Procurement Systems Reform : Assess the effectiveness of processes, structures and incentives used to deliver complex projects. Also use market risk analysis to support decision making
  • Global Market Evaluation : Conduct detailed analysis of market and competitive dynamics in Aerospace & Defence niche areas, and identify the drivers of value and underlying customer requirements.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Support : Provide pre- and post-acquisition support to investors and corporate organizations who target specialist suppliers in Aerospace & Defence. Also conduct commercial and operational due diligence to build the investment thesis and provide 100-Day Planning integration support to ensure the realization of planned benefits

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